Welcome to Thrivers365 - A Thrive Mastermind Group led by Lady J


An online group coaching program for emerging & established entrepreneurs who want to thrive in life & business while keeping God 1st. 


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There is so much NOISE online

  • Entrepreneurs have so many decisions to make. 
  • Too many voices can cause confusion and procrastination. 
  • The wrong advice can set you back. 

The Thrivers365 Mastermind Solves This Problem 

  • Proven results from hundreds of successful entrepreneurs. 
  • Provides monthly training content on purpose & passion. 
  • Consulting on: Growth  Strategies, Marketing & Sales & Product Development

How it Works: 

  • LIVE coaching every month with Lady J and leading coaches ($1500 value!)
  • World-class community and networking opportunities.
  • Free replays and summaries.
  • An online community & monthly training calls that dive into the three phases of thriving in entrepreneurship: 



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Our Objective

To be the premier boutique go-to resource for emerging entrepreneurs who want to maximize their success, significance and long-term growth...without the overwhelm. 

Discover more significance AND success! 

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Save 50% OFF Now! / Less than $2 a day