What People Are Saying

Kristen Wiggins

Under a contract with the U.S. Small Business Administration, I worked on a team that hired Dr. Jevonnah as a Business Coach and mentor, and she completely exceeded expectations. Dr. Jevonnah provided abundant support not only to her cohort, but to the program at large (over 1,000 participating CEO’s), asked engaging questions to get ideas flowing, and put systems in place to help business owners grow.
She hosted powerful, informative coaching sessions and took the lead as a stand-out coach! I would absolutely recommend you work with her.

Jodey Smith,

Podcast Engineer

 I attended Dr. Jevonnah’s Thrive Summit. It was a classy event with great speakers and a great atmosphere. We were treated to an array of sessions and interactive activities. It was an impressive 2 day event. Also, the food was amazing!
I have followed Jevonnah’s journey for several years now. I have seen her honored for her excellence in Dan Miller’s 48 Days community and in Michael Hyatt’s community. She delivers encouraging weekly content with her Thrive Show. I am honored to know her. She is one of a kind.

Pamela Bass,

Virtuous Realty

My mindset has shifted and changed! My business was able to grow due to the decision of me investing in the services that are provided through Dr. Ellison’s coaching!
I could say so much about my coaching experience with Lady J but the one thing that is most important is the added value! I will continue to sign up because nothing was subtracted but value was added!
You will not regret it, it’s a must for the next level. Watch out because of her I’m walking into my purpose on PURPOSE unapologetically.

Lisa Goldsmith

The experience that I got from the classes were amazing! I learned things about myself that I never saw. Like my struggles. She gave me advice to look at them from a different perspective!!

Natalya Acoff

My experience with this company has been such an inspiring and amazing experience. Dr. Jevonnah Ellison is the epitome of female excellence.
Her professionalism is superb and she takes what she does seriously. She has a heart of gold and she treats her clients with love, kindness and respect. She is very understanding and patient.

Dr. Johnny Parker, Executive,

Coach & Speaker

The impact of Lady J and her Thrive Mastermind took our growth from water skiing to scuba diving.

Cordero Young,

Procurement Officer

Highly recommended! If your looking for training or a Team to Inspire your staff, look no further than the “The Entrepreneurial 1st Lady” Empowerment is what the company Epitomizes! It’s been a pleasure to work with this T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More)!

Anna Marangoudaki,

Personal Development Coach, Greece

A safe place to share your thoughts and challenges. A place of encouragement and genuine concern. I have been challenged to take responsibility for the growth of my personal and business life. I felt my time is always well invested every time I connect with Lady J’s services.

Edwin Soler,


Lady J’s guidance is a tremendous asset and my success in my business is no doubt a direct result of this. She is a woman of her word, her integrity is of the most outstanding I have seen. Her mind is something that is amazing to see at work. It has completely transformed my business!

Kristen Wiggins

Under a contract with the U.S. Small Business Administration, I worked on a team that hired Dr. Jevonnah as a Business Coach and mentor, and she completely exceeded expectations. Dr. Jevonnah provided abundant support not only to her cohort, but to the program at large (over 1,000 participating CEO’s), asked engaging questions to get ideas flowing, and put systems in place to help business owners grow.
She hosted powerful, informative coaching sessions and took the lead as a stand-out coach! I would absolutely recommend you work with her.

Andrea Rogers Mosley,

Small Business Director

Dr. Jevonnah “Lady J” Ellison has been an ongoing presenter for the Alabama SBDC at Alabama State University Women In Business Workshop Series over the last eight years. These workshops are designed to provide women with professional development and business skills to help them be effective leaders and managers.
Her presentations are clear, focused, with excellent points and boundless energy. Her training provides excellent information to help participants better supervise and effectively lead. Her advice and suggestions are practical and on the mark. I know that the ideas, wisdom, and knowledge that she shared will have an indelible impact on the lives of our conference participants.

Julie Brown, Dave Ramsey

Certified Financial Coach

I have gained new clients and have written a book titled Debt Free Dreams. Without Lady J I’m quite certain I would still be trying to figure out how to grow the business and take all the “right” steps rather than knowing how to impact and encourage others to live the life of their dreams without debt.
I’ve been coaching with Lady J for a few years now. This was The…Best…Decision I’ve made in my entrepreneurial journey!
I connected with her after having tried to make progress on my own and realizing if I was going to move forward I needed help. I’m a financial coach and wanted to grow my business with a solid foundation. I have gained so much wisdom and direction from her as well as the tools I’ve needed to grow.

Dr. Kylle McKinney,

True Prosperity Financial Coaching & Dave Ramsey Certified Coach

 Coaching with Lady J has changed my life! Investing in Lady J’s coaching has been one of the high achievements of my life. Before Lady J I was floundering not really knowing how to pick up the scattered pieces I was calling a business and putting them together to provide myself with a plan. Lady J changed that. She helped me discover my “why” not just for the business but also for the ministry through my business.
Through her coaching and the purchasing of her products, I’ve been able to build a strong and vibrant email list, create and sell my first online budgeting course, create and enroll members into my courses AND obtain paying clients which I currently coach in personal finances!
The benefits of her coaching continue to roll in!

Winston Faircloth,

Winsightz, LLC

The Thrive conference sponsored by the Entrepreneurial First Lady was an amazing experience. One of the highlights of my year. Jevonnah is a great coach and an even better leader.

Zelda Okia,

Forensic Scientist

My sessions, workshops, and Mastermind with Lady J were first class. I, too have become a life coach and greatly benefitted from the coaching, modeling, and mentorship provided by Lady J. She is a gem.


Dr. Nina Garrett,


Lady J is very knowledgeable and cares about her clients. She assisted in following through on a book that I ultimately had published.


Madison “Maddy” Green

Dr. Jevonnah “Lady J” Ellison is an absolutely exceptional entrepreneur, author, speaker, and Woman of God. Through observation and my own experience with Lady J, she puts 100% effort in each client she works with. If you’re looking for an authentic, diligent, and powerful life coach to help you THRIVE physically, mentally, and spiritually, while keeping God first, she is the one I highly encourage you to call! She is an inspiration and blessing to people of all ages!

Jackie Bledsoe,

Author & Leadership Coach

Jevonnah is the real deal! I met her years ago when she was just starting out in business and there was something different about her. After many conversations with her, after learning from her, and witnessing the impact and transformation she is having on people I recommend anybody (women and men) attend an event or go through a coaching/mentor program with Jevonnah. You won’t be disappointed!


Dave Wadsworth,

Author of Finishing on Fire

I can honestly say that working with and observing Dr. Jevonnah “Lady J” Ellison conduct business and interact with anyone, I have yet to be disappointed. Jevonnah is a First Rate business professional and Top Tier Human being. My business and life success has truly been multiplied through All my interactions with her.


Julie Miles,

Leadership Mindset Coach

I was able to launch in 4 months what I had been thinking about for 4 years! Lady J helped me surpass even my own expectations. I am honored to call her my personal business coach.

Terri Sullivant,

Author & Transformation Coach

Coaching with Jevonnah has been like jet propulsion for my coaching practice! Every time I’m around her I’m inspired! She is the best I’ve ever seen of someone who combines ministry and business – she does it gracefully, with seamless connectedness.

Marianne Renner,

Transformational Leadership Coach

I earned my highest paying client within a few weeks of coaching with Jevonnah! When I think of the highest level of coaching excellence, I think of Jevonnah. I am so grateful for the example she sets as a woman, a leader and as a coach of excellence!

Phyllis Jenkins,

Powerful Journey LLC

In ONLY TWO months of being in the Thrive Mastermind, I have been able to break free from the mindset of not charging what my services are worth. Before I joined, this was my biggest struggle. Now, it feels great to continue to add value to my clients AND receive the increased revenue. I love being stretched and challenged while achieving my goals and that’s exactly what Lady J provides in each session.

Janice Vance,

The Marriage Major Coach

Before I found Lady J, I was stuck about my purpose. Now, I have unbelievable clarity. Coaching with Lady J has given me all the tools and strategies needed in order for me to start my Married Women Coaching business. When I started I had no clue as to having a website or building a platform. Coaching with Lady J has definitely allowed me to clarify my purpose, amplify my strengths, and thrive financially from what I already know, all while keeping God first.


Cliff Ravenscraft,

Free the Dream

I first met Jevonnah at a “Coaching With Excellence” event that was hosted by Dan Miller. She was a featured speaker and I was blown away by her story. I was also impressed by her ability to tell a story in a way that captured my heart. Jevonnah is a role model when it comes to running a successful business while standing strong in your faith. Her character and commitment to excellence are are second to none.


Bishop Charles E.
Blake, Sr.,

Senior Pastor West Angeles COGIC

After interacting with Jevonnah, your self-image will improve, decision measures will increase and you’ll believe positively in yourself.


Michael Hyatt,

Full Focus President

With Jevonnah, you are headed for an incredible future of growth & achievement. If you have the chance to coach with her in her Mastermind, DO IT!


Denita Adams,

Fashion Blogger

I have received so much growth, value and confidence from being a part of Lady J’s Mastermind. And in such a short time, I’ve grown so much confidence that I’m sure that this is where God wants me to be in order to grow. I am so grateful and thankful!


Jeff Goins,


Jevonnah is one of the most inspiring people I’ve met, ever

Dan Miller,

48 Days to the Life & Work You Love

When you coach with Jevonnah, your life will never be the same – it will be better!

Catalyst John,


Jevonnah literally makes every person feel like the most important person in the room.

Heather Bonham,

Education Coach

The coaching process with Jevonnah was fantastic! My business is on a real track now and I know where I’m going. I tried to start my business for a year, and after just one month of coaching with Jevonnah, I have an email list AND a podcast. I didn’t have either of those before. Now I send out episodes every week and I have clarity that I desperately wanted. One on one coaching was a whole different level. The investment is totally worth it and paid off. I knew I could trust Jevonnah and she would tell me what I needed to know. It has really propelled me forward and it’s an investment I’d make all over again!

Karen Tyner,

Attorney & Writer

When I started working with Lady J, I had no concrete plans or goals, nor did I know my “purpose”. But within just a couple of months of coaching with her, I knew how God wanted me to use my talents and I had an energy I hadn’t experienced in years.
But taking that plunge was an emotional challenge for me. Lady J encouraged me with each call and helped me develop a plan for my future endeavors. I’m grateful for her professionalism, encouragement and prayers. When I look back on our first call, I don’t recognize the person I was — I now have confidence in myself and my goals. Thank you Lady J!

Sara Anna Powers,

Attorney, Entrepreneur & Copywriter

Working with Jevonnah has been life-changing! When I began coaching with her, I felt stuck in a job that was paying great money but no longer felt fulfilling. Our work together was the catalyst for me starting my business in 2015. 2 years later, I’m working with the most AMAZING coaching and copywriting clients, and I know that I’m living on purpose! If you have the opportunity to work with Jevonnah, you should jump at the chance! She’s extraordinary!

Brian Kee,


Jevonnah helped me find that diamond in a dark period and brought cheerfulness back into my life. She helped me crack my shell and I plan to engage her in the near future to up my game and become even more profitable. She is cool, she is hip, and with it. She knows coaching.

Nick Pavlidis,

Attorney, Writer, Entrepreneur

Jevonnah leads by example. She is caring, determined, passionate, and intentional. She is a true leader who can help you grow in business and in your personal life. If you’re looking to make meaningful changes, Jevonnah can show you the way.

Stephanie Andrews,


The exponential growth I have experienced in just 6 months as a member of The Thrive Mastermind has surprised even me. I have gained consistent support, insight and most importantly for me, accountability to take action. Since joining the Mastermind, I went from a rough idea of a business, to actually launching a business!

Marshawn Evans Daniels,

Transformation Strategist / Believe Bigger

Lady J is an amazing womanpreneur who knows how to pay attention to the BIG things God is calling her to do.

Ryan Reger,

Streams of Income

You must figure out a way to work with Jevonnah. I’ve learned so much from her. She is outstanding!

Deb Ingino,

Strength Leader CEO

Jevonnah is one of the most gifted people I know. She has the heart & head for helping people make great changes!

David Jehlen,

Marketing Consultant

Jevonnah is smart, passionate and knows exactly how to help us get out of our own way.


Victoria Mininger,

Bear Creek Outdoor Living

Becoming a part of a Mastermind has been one of the best decisions I have made for my business. It has been key in helping me push forward to a higher level personally and professionally. The relationships I have formed through The Thrive Mastermind continually challenge, inspire and encourage me to be my best self. I can not imagine doing life without these leaders. It is an investment that I would make over and over again.

Meghan Hyatt Miller,

CEO Full Focus Co.

Jevonnah is an awesome leader. Her drive and enthusiasm adds so much to other members.