The Thrive Mastermind with Lady J

Here’s what you’ll experience inside The Thrive Mastermind

January 15 - November 4, 2020

The Thrive Mastermind is designed to provide you with exponential growth while giving you back your most precious resource: your time. You see, when you have access to a close community of high-achievers, you won’t have to waste time Googling answers to your questions, taking (yet another) online course, or wading through hit-or-miss business trainings or coaches that don’t deliver.

Instead, you’ll be part of a vibrant community hand-selected to offer you skills, knowledge, and information that challenge you and spur your growth and expansion. 

  • Clarify your Message - Distill your message down to its simplest and clearest. 
  • Refine your Ideal Audience & Market - Enter the story inside the heads of your ideal clients and speak to them directly. 
  • Establish yourself as An Industry Leader - Create programs, products and services that position you as the Authority in your space. 
  • Optimize your Offer - Develop irresistible services that create some of your most loyal fans. 
  • Perfect your Pyramid Tier & Sales Success - Building your funnel the right way with multiple income streams will make this whole business building thing an enjoyable process for you! Yes!
  • Master the Art of "Pre-Sales" and Audience Growth - When you ask your clients what they want before you create it, you're that much closer to creating a product they'll use and love (and tell others about!)
  • Plus so much more! Keep reading for more...



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Business Growth & Personal Development

Strategies and methods to help you take your business, ministry or career to the next level. You’ll be given an open forum to seek assistance with your most pressing questions. Our group will be carefully curated to include professionals from various areas of expertise, so you will be well-resourced inside our community.



No more Overwhelm

You'll get coaching insights to help you get rid of overwhelm and reclaim freedom with your calendar. This is a year-long, high level Mastermind experience to help you maximize your potential and expand your influence.

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Business Building & Quality Relationships

Whatever "building your business, ministry or career" looks like for you in this season, the Thrive Mastermind will help you get there faster. The quality relationships you'll develop and nurture can absolutely change everything for you.


How We Make it Happen

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  • This is a Year-Long Mastermind. We will start on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 and end on Wednesday, November 4, 2020. 
  • A monthly 90-minute video conference with Q&A, training and role-playing. 
  • Coaching to help you brainstorm strategies, revisit goals and overcome obstacles. 
  • Celebration and accountability, access to Lady J in the focused forum, and an in-person, private meetup! 
  • You'll form close relationships with others in this small group. 

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