The Coaching Course

A 10 Day Course to help you get more dream clients, make more sales and grow your coaching business BIG TIME. 

  • Where to Start - Your First Step - define your coaching program, simplify & streamline so you know where to begin, finding & getting new clients. Retaining those clients. Get undistracted and focused. 
  • Clients - choosing the right clients to work with & attracting high achievers. 
  • Getting Paid - what to charge & creating a contract & package for clients. 
  • The Coaching Session - a defined process that you work the client through. A step-by-step process. 
  • Marketing - Get the word out and create excitement around your business. 
  • Stay Motivated - how to stay motivated when the going gets tough. 
  • The Tech - automated ways to send content of different kinds
  • Your Dream Team  - creating the right team to work with in coaching.
  • Does not include any 1-on-1 coaching

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